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Outdoor Clerking

Law Assist offer responsive admin support for all legal professions based in London.

Outdoor Clerks


We can provide a support worker, who can provide any of the following outdoor clerking services for you:


  • Sitting behind counsel during a hearing, in order to take a full note of proceedings

  • Attending conferencing with counsel to take full note of the meetings

  • Attending in-house meetings, or meetings with clients, to take full notes of meetings


Our staff follow an established format in minuting meetings and provide comprehensive and accurate minutes, which are typically delivered within 24 hours of the meeting/event they attended. 




You can either pay as you go, or you can place funds on account (minimum £500) to cover work to be done and we would advise you as you approach your limit, so that you can top up the account for ongoing work.



Remote Secretarial Support: £20 an hour


Outdoor Clerk: £20 an hour plus travel

Reach out to Law Assist

Need legal support? We are here to help you with all the in-depth knowledge and guidance to support our clients. Our contact details are:

5 Greenwich South Street


SE10 8NW


Accepted payment types



Direct Debit

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Need a support worker for Outdoor Clerking services or remote typing? Book now by contacting Law Assist based in London.
Call on 0203 583 0136. Email us on

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